Our Benefits

our benefits
Learning and Development

We're dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning.

From cutting-edge training to personalized self-development initiatives like the "Wallace Plan," we empower our team to thrive. In addition, we provide access to online learning platforms such as Udemy and the Growth Institute, along with opportunities to attend conferences, access relevant books, and more to keep you updated with the latest tech trends and industry knowledge.

our benefits
Career Flexibility

We understand that career paths are as unique as our individuals. Embrace career flexibility with us – shift technologies and roles seamlessly between projects or within the same project. Benefit from our remote working options, allowing you to excel from any location or simply enjoy the freedom of allocating and flexing your work hours, even exploring part-time options.

Our Benefits

Annual Leave

Take advantage of 22 days of annual leave per year plus additional days granted depending on tenure. Unpaid leave and leaves of absence are also an option if you need longer time off.

Health Insurance

The well-being of our people matter to us. We offer health and dental plans for all our employees.

Mental Health Programs

From confidential counseling services to mindfulness workshops, we are committed to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

Leadership and coaching

We understand that great leaders are the driving force behind a successful team. Our leadership and coaching programs are tailored to cultivate leadership qualities.

Company Protocols

Enjoy special privileges with discounts at partnering gyms, pharmacies, optics providers, and more.


Managers guide managees growth with biannual reviews, 1:1 sessions and more. It recognizes and shapes an evolving career journey.


Focused on development, mentors, chosen by mentees, foster ongoing relationships, share experiences, and address discomfort. 


Each person can request equipment that enhances the remote work experience, such as monitors, keyboards and headsets.


Laptop buyback

Employees have the option to buy a laptop at a discount after the "end of life" period

Language Classes

We offer engaging and empowerfull English language classes to enhance professional skills. 

Communications Budget

We provide a company cell phone and plan, complete with minutes and internet, to keep people seamlessly connected in both work and life.


Dive into knowledge with our library! Access hardcover books and digital versions to fuel your intellectual curiosity and professional growth.

Bonding and teambuilding activities

Beyond code and projects, we prioritize leisure, fun, and team bonding. Through the year we promote various team activities where collaboration seamlessly blends with enjoyment.
Annual Gathering
Annual Gathering

This might be the highlight of our year!

A 3-day trip dedicated to commemorating our achievements. This event combines team-building activities, result reflections, and it's an opportunity for our team to bond in a unique setting.

We've travelled to various locations in Portugal and also abroad.

Game Corner

We created a Game Corner, equipped with an arcade machine, foosball, an array of board games, and a well-stocked fridge. It's the perfect space to unwind, compete, and foster team spirit.

Lunch Walks
Lunch Walks

Occasionally, we step outside the office and do lunch walks. It's not just about staying active; it's a chance to enjoy the fresh air, clear your mind, and connect with team mates in a more casual setting.

Happy Hours
Happy Hours

We organize Happy Hours to celebrate various occasions like Carnival, Christmas, Easter, and more. It's a time to relax, enjoy good company, and toast to the festive spirit.