Case Study

CIMAC Web Portals

SmartPortals aggregates portals of 14 municipalities of Central Alentejo, giving a new impetus to the region
About the Client

CIMAC - Intermunicipal Community of Central Alentejo is the organization responsible for the Alentejo Central Region, in Portugal, and covers the municipalities of Alandroal, Arraiolos, Borba, Estremoz, Évora, Montemor-o-Novo, Mora, Mourão, Portel, Redondo, Reguengos de Monsaraz, Vendas Novas, Viana do Alentejo and Vila Viçosa. 

The Challenge

To achieve a centralized and efficient management of the region, the tourism and the existing resources, CIMAC wanted to aggregate in a single platform the portals of all municipalities and entities that promote their modernization and development (CIMAC and ADRAL - Regional Development Agency of Alentejo).The intention was to start a new paradigm to develop the region through cooperation between cities, organizations, entrepreneurs and citizens and where innovation was the engine for growth.

As Nuno Miguel Guerra, CEO of Create IT, highlights "The challenge was to create a solution that would allow local and regional entities to network faster and more effectively."


The Solution


To meet CIMAC challenges, Create IT developed SmartPortals - a web platform that supports the creation of multiple integrated portals. Based on Microsoft technology, SmartPortals stands out for its cross-sectional search to the portals, ability to share information between portals, manage visibility of search results and associated metadata. More than a search, it provides a truly interactive experience.

The main features of the implemented solution include:


The Results


With a joint, iterative and close effort between Create IT, CIMAC, ADRAL and municipalities, the central Alentejo region gained competitiveness, proximity, efficiency, agility, flexibility and mobility, and is recognized both by the residents and visitors as an example to follow. And this is the success that everyone wants in a project. 

The benefits of implementing SmartPortals are:

Rui Barroso, General Director of ADRAL, highlights the results achieved "SmartPortals user experience for ADRAL promotes investment, business and natural resources, establishing close relationships between companies and entrepreneurs. At the same time it provides the leaders of the cities the generation of business opportunities and initiatives that promote the region."

Currently, Create IT supports CIMAC on the evolution of the platform, continues fully committed to its success and monitors how Central Alentejo has changed and is now a national success story. The future vision is to enhance and improve the efficiency of the multiple entities that already enjoy an European award-winning platform.

"The SmartPortals for 14 city councils is changing the way cities are connected to citizens, engaging and empowering people, improving business processes, promoting culture, history and local resources. An innovative strategy that shares infrastructure and information between city councils and citizens, to better serve the society in a constant digital evolution.", concludes Hortênsia Menino, President of the Intermunicipal Board of CIMAC, President of the Municipal Board of ADRAL and Mayor of Montemor-o-Novo