Case Study


Create IT implements intranet to centralize and streamline internal communication at Fidelidade Group
About the Client

Fidelidade is the leading life insurance and non-life insurance in Portugal. They have the largest commercial network in the country and - already present in countries such as Spain, France, Luxembourg, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique and Macau - continue to grow internationally.

With more 200 years of history, Fidelidade continues committed to innovation as a higher value, to support all those that trust the company.

Today they have a unique opportunity to reinvent insurance in Portugal and take their mission even further, meeting the needs of more than 2 million customers worldwide.


Key numbers

8 000
3 600
months of implementation
Group companies
The Challenge

With more than 3600 employees and the challenge of uniting employees around “Be Fidelidade”, Fidelidade intended to create a single point of entry into the Group's intranets, with the goal of improving communication and reinforcing the sense of belonging of each person who is part of the Group (employees, service providers, trainees, etc).

This created the need to implement an internal communication platform that was not only a vehicle for the cultural development of the Group, but also a working and useful tool for the sharing of essential information to the business of the various companies: Multicare, Via Directa, Universal Seguros, DIN (Garantia, Fidelidade Mozambique and Macao) and Gente com Ideias (Social Responsibility program).

The major challenges were:

Create a unique homepage

visualized by all Group companies, as a gateway to not only the Fidelidade SA intranet but all the existing intranets/platforms.


To position the new intranet as an internal communication tool with restricted guidelines limited to the relevance and company's business and culture.

Governance Team

To consider, in the Governance Model, the existence of a team responsible for content management.


The Solution

In order to successfully adress Fidelidade's needs, the solution included the development and implementation of a SharePoint intranet as a gateway to all Group’s intranets. This intranet is very focused on communication, making information available to everyone and sharing useful features to employees, with particular emphasis on the User Profile and Employee Portal.

According to Teresa Ramalho, Fidelidade's Head of Internal Communication, "The intranet ‘Be Fidelidade’ main focus is people, uniting all employees in a single portal where we communicate news regarding all the companies of the Fidelidade Group, where employees have their Profile interacting with each other, and where we can facilitate and promote professional networking so important for business engagement. This project was just the beginning and started very well! With a new Scrum methodology for Fidelidade, which proved to be extremely effective, and with a team made up of members of By, Create and Fidelidade very united, focused and constructive”.

"The involvement was very close, we worked as a unique team and extremely aligned with an excellent collaboration", highlights Sara Oliveira."We did not separate the technological part from the business part, using technology as a vehicle to help meet the project needs", she adds. Create IT, which has maintained a constant and active presence from the beginning to the end of the project, was responsible for designing and implementing the entire solution.

The Result

The new intranet strengthens the Group's sense of global belonging (each person does not access the company's intranet, but the Group's intranet), enables an easier and faster access to information (synergies derived from centralization) and makes communication more agile and efficient (with the access to new tools useful for the daily work of each employee and the sharing of information among colleagues). However, this project is only a first step in a larger program, to create a single intranet for the entire Group.

Fidelidade now has a privileged Internal Communication tool that promotes the Group culture and is accessible at any time and in any place by all team members, regardless of the company to which they are allocated.