Case Study

Worten Marketplaces

Based on the relationship and skills already demonstrated, Create It implemented a sales automation platform for international Marketplaces executed on Amazon Web Services.
About the Client

Worten is the leading electronic and home appliances retail brand from SONAE Group. As a national market leader, Worten has been democratizing tech access, offering innovation, novelty, and the best prices to all Portuguese. With nearly 30 years, 230+ stores in Portugal and Spain, and over 4000 employees, they embrace a "make it happen" mindset, driving ideas, challenging norms, and implementing best practices and innovations daily. Cutomers can find a diverse range of products in-store and online, from consumer electronics to entertainment, along with expert advice and post-sale support.

The Challenge

Worten, a renowned reference and leader in the national consumer electronics, home appliances and entertainment market, is in a process of technological modernization and investment in the digital area, with the aim of international scalability, innovation and continuous improvement of the service provided to the final customer.

One of the initiatives in this regard focuses on the creation of a catalog and order management/shipping platform in international Marketplaces. It was the recognition of skills in previous projects, the excellent relationship, the critical spirit and the mastery of agile approach practices focused on knowledge, both in terms of technology and business, that led Worten to select Create IT to achieve that goal.

"Working as a single team, very aligned and focused on the final objective of the project, allowed us to deliver it in an agile, fast and high-quality manner and with very high levels of motivation. The challenges were faced with tranquility and were overcome in an impeccable way. It was a pleasure to deliver this project and work so closely with the entire Worten team", highlights Sara Oliveira, Project Manager at Create IT.


The solution

Following the modernization line already started, the bet consisted of an architecture in a Cloud-First model, supported by a Serverless infrastructure, using all the best practices of DevOps and agile model with Scrum methodology. Supported in an AWS infrastructure, using all the elasticity of Serverless components, such as Lambda Functions, having business processes running in a Containers environment, programmed in GO and executed in AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS).

"The use of an enterprise architecture based on microservices in a loose coupling model by functional area, guarantees the execution of the various solutions autonomously, maximizing the stability of the e-commerce platform. For example, if a problem occurs in a microservice, the system will tend to keep running, minimizing downtime scenarios", explains Guilherme Peruzzi, Technical Manager at Create IT.

This initiative corresponds to the first phase of several actions to be carried out within the scope of international Marketplaces, revealing great team spirit and good disposition shared between Create IT and Worten. The great commitment, capacity for analysis and involvement of both parties were the key factors of success in its implementation.

Mauro Rodrigues, Scrum Master at Worten, highlights: "I have contact in two projects with the team and I see that everything goes on wheels. They are a very professional and technically very good team".

The Create IT team involved five elements with an active role throughout the project, from conception to technical implementation and testing, ensuring the totality and the fulfillment of the established objectives.


The Result

Worten now has an adaptable and scalable solution, facilitating integration with any new Marketplace to expand their business, serving to support internationalization objectives.

"The Create team is not only very close to the Worten teams, it is part of the team. We consider it an internal Worten Squad. They are able to understand Worten's concepts and needs like nobody else, making this added value an element of success for any project in which they are involved", refers Mauro Rodrigues from Worten.

Miguel Nogueira, Application Architect at Worten concludes: "Really professional company and employees. Always available to learn new technologies and take up new challenges as we come up with them".