Case Study

Worten billing

Based on the relationship and skills already demonstrated, Create It implemented a billing dematerialization solution at, based on Amazon Web Services.
About the Client

Worten is the leading electronic and home appliances retail brand from SONAE Group. As a national market leader, Worten has been democratizing tech access, offering innovation, novelty, and the best prices to all Portuguese. With nearly 30 years, 230+ stores in Portugal and Spain, and over 4000 employees, they embrace a "make it happen" mindset, driving ideas, challenging norms, and implementing best practices and innovations daily. Find a diverse range of products in-store and online, from consumer electronics to entertainment, along with expert advice and post-sale support.

The Challenge

Worten is in a process of tech modernization and investment in the digital area, with the aim of international scalability, innovation and continuous service improvement.

One of the initiatives is focused on the dematerialization of the invoicing of its online commerce platform, something that would allow eliminating constraints caused by the issuance of invoices in the middle of the order preparation and dispatch process. On the other hand, billing is not part of Worten's core business and the possibility of integrating the process with third-party solutions for this purpose would also allow keeping the focus on completing the order, regardless of the country.

It was the recognition of skills, critical spirit and agile approach practices focused on knowledge, both in terms of technology and business, that led Worten to select Create IT.

"The agile implementation model, the connection between teams and the clear focus on success proved to be critical factors for its achievement", points out Tiago Oliveira, Project Manager at Create IT.


The Solution

Following the line of modernization already initiated by Worten, we invested in architecture in a Cloud-First model, supported by a Serverless infrastructure, using all the best practices of DevOps and agile model with Scrum methodology. The solution is based on AWS, using all the elasticity of Serverless components, such as Lambda Functions, Storage S3 management, with the execution of business processes in charge of Docker .net Core applications in AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS).

"The elasticity offered by the solution architecture, combined with the AWS infrastructure, will allow Worten to adapt the infrastructure quickly to the needs of its internationalization process and peak loads, in any scenario analogous to the period of a Black Friday, for example", explains Luís Belo, Technical Manager of Create IT.

Over the past few months, a complex and challenging implementation process has taken place, where the great team spirit and goodwill shared between Create IT and Worten and the great commitment and involvement of both parties were the key factors for success in the completion of this project.

The Create IT team involved five elements with an active role throughout the project, from conception to technical implementation and testing, ensuring in full compliance with the objectives set.

Gabriella Cesario, Scrum Master at Worten highlights: "From Create IT employees that I had the opportunity to work with, I was able to identify commitment, responsibility, respect and the true team concept. The teams are mature and we can see that there is a connection in the search for global success instead of individual achievements".

The Result

Worten now has a scalable solution that allows it to adapt the infrastructure to billing needs, ensuring an effective response to its growth and internationalization objectives. The implemented solution resulted in an increase in production and an increase in ecological sustainability, with a reduction in costs and paper consumption.

"The solution is working effectively, ensuring that Worten's digital modernization process meets its objectives", highlights Tiago Oliveira, Project Manager at Create IT.